I love how our lives are woven together.

Still in Sunny Florida



sunny said...

Cute post! Glad you're enjoying the warm sunshine. Not so much up in your home state!

Wendy G. said...

I knew you were clever and crafty,too! I loved your unique post.

Leslie Hanna said...

I love this! So clever.

Enjoy the warm, because it sure isn't warm up here!

Carola Bartz said...

What a creative post!!! Enjoy your time in Florida!

Mary Dawn said...

send me some sun and those pencils! better yet, send you! and bosley

LA Paylor said...

I can't even remember the blog trail that led me to your blog but it's been a fun morning with your dog posts. I also live in MD in Severna Park. You look a bit familiar. I have a standard poodle, who posts for me periodically and has his own page. I would love to email you, but can't find an addy anywhere...here's my info, hope to hear from you. I'm from Tampa originally.
LeeAnna Paylor
Not Afraid of Color! lapaylor.blogspot.com

susie said...

i would tell you... come back, come back...get back here...the weather is so nice and Spring has finally arrived!...but I can't because it just snowed again....right after an 85 degree day.
I hope you are enjoying your family and I hope to see you soon...soon!
hugs, susie